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SaaS is a software delivery model in which applications are hosted in the cloud and made available to users over the Internet. Security, maintenance, availability, performance and upgrades are managed by the cloud services provider.

LoB solutions are one of the set of critical computer applications that are vital to running an enterprise. LOB applications are usually large programs that contain a number of integrated capabilities and tie into databases and database management systems.

Multitenant is an architecture in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. Each customer is called a tenant. Tenants may be given the ability to customize some parts of the application, such as color of the user interface (UI) or business rules, but they cannot customize the application's code.

TailoredSaas is a unique IT service in which content’s preparation the user is included from the beginning. A tailor-made SaaS solution is built based on the user’s technical specifications, ensuring new ways of working and a significantly higher degree of mutual integration in comparison to conventional applications. Finally, the advantage of this approach is also reflected in a single billing service, which works on the Pay-per-use principle.

Yes, you read correctly

You set the price and deadline

for your deliberately developed SaaS solution for your business process.

Project specific multidisciplinary team

provide working prototype absolutely free of charge.

You pay and sign a contract only if you are satisfied with the prototype.

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Why can we offer such an unique form of cooperation? Because we have a history in innovative development approach, and we have already invested over 50 man-years of work, combined and upgraded with the knowledge, experience and technologies, in which also the partner companies invested over 50 man-years, integrated further in a multitude of excellent open source solutions as well as all together connected in an effective platform. With it we completely alterate the existing practice, where the IT of bussines processes is implemented by IT professionals, which are not familiar with the procedures and profession in the company. It takes alot of time and resources to understand process to be able to realize the needs of the clients. Instead, experts from various fields are trained to use our innovative technology to design and manufacture LOB SaaS services. We have a network of collaborators guaranteeing practically unlimited resources. If we do not have the experts for your specific project, we find and educate them. For each project development process, a project team of people with the most specific branch of industry expertises is formed. Innovative formed project groups, in which percentage of IT professionals is generally less than 10%, are much better at understanding of client demands, communication and R&D is at higher pace. This is way more effective than standard way of using whole groups of IT professionals and analysts to develop IT support.
This tailored approach provide you the best quality solution in decent time frame and at most reasonable price performance ratio, because you determine the budget.
We suggest that you reserch the market, gather some serious offers, provide specification in which you set deadline and price of the desired solution and submit it in our form. Project budget shuld be realistic, but for you the most favorable. Budget always consists of one-time development fee and usage costs per user and organization. Usage costs are billed monthly or annually.

TailoredSaaS concept

Your business process needs specific IT support software.

Provide us a description of the desired functionalities.

You set the cost and the deadline of implementation.

We will develop a working prototype free of charge.

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10 steps to SaaS

Ten steps to your SaaS solution:


Specify the development and usage price, date of production and add brief specification in one A4 document for your desired SaaS solution in the form at the bottom of the page.


To ensure your legal certainty, you receive the signature of an agreement (NDA), with wich we accept full material responsibility to protect your business secrets and specific expertises.


Upload the detailed specification of requirements of the project. As material proof of submission, specification will be electronically signed by qualified certificate and time stamped with the exact time of agreement, and returned to submitter.


When project is approved by us, we develop a free operable prototype and grant you test access.


Try the prototype. If you are satisfied, you pay 35% of the project development cost.


You will gain access to the test version of your SaaS solution for 5 test users in previously agreed time frame.


Try out test version of the solution. When you confirm at least 85% compliance with requirements of previously included specification, you will be charged another 35% of development price.


You get access to the final version of your SaaS solution in the required time frame for the desired number of users.


You pay the last 30% of the development price after actual production usage of your SaaS solution. Usage fee is billed by price provided in specification and depends on the quantity of business entities and the number of their users.


Compliance between SaaS solution and given specification is guaranteed with one year warranty.

To lahko trdimo, saj smo v različne tehnologije vložili preko 80 človek-let dela in jih inovativno dopolnili ter povezali v globalno storitev. S pomočjo te storitve strokovnjake z različnih področij naučimo učinkovito načrtovati in izvajati LOB SaaS rešitve. Tako popolnoma spreminjamo dosedanjo prakso, ko usposobljeni informatiki izvajajo informacijsko podporo strokovnim procesom na področjih, ki jih strokovno ne obvladajo in se morajo nove stroke najprej naučiti oziroma jo vsaj toliko spoznati, da so sposobni razumeti potrebe naročnikov. Mi smo se zadeve lotili bolj učinkovito. Strokovnjake različnih strok naučimo uporabe inovativne tehnologije za načrtovanje in izdelavo SaaS storitev. To lahko storimo bistveno prej in uspešneje, kot lahko povprečen informacijski strokovnjak pridobi dovolj znanja iz strokovnega področja naročnika. Za vsak projekt sestavimo specifično multidisciplinarno projektno skupino oseb z različnim strokovnim znanjem, potrebnim za učinkovito izvedbo projekta, predhodno že usposobljenih za načrtovanje in razvoj LOB SaaS rešitev. Izkazalo se je, da so tako sestavljene projektne skupine, v katerih je informatikov praviloma manj kot 10%, bistveno učinkovitejše od skupin usposobljenih informatikov in analitikov, ki se projektov informacijske podpore lotevajo na danes standarden način.

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